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VoiceShot's Toll Free interactive enhanced service allows your business, professional group, or organization the power to deliver critical information to your target audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Interact with your target audience by establishing a promotional or informational toll free hotline that offers a powerful set of features that you would only expect from an expensive auto-attendant, PBX or costly phone system.

Callers can listen, interact and respond to pre-recorded messages that you create. Instant call transfer, real time caller key press and caller ID reporting means you can promote your company's products and services 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no busy signals or missed calls.

Great for: Product & Event Promotion, Product Sales, Advocacy, Survey's & Polls. Used by: Non-profits, Professional Groups, Civic Organizations. Sales Professionals.

  Get a VoiceShot Toll Free Number with the purchase of any "Inbound Rate Plan"
  Incoming calls are answered with a proffessional customized greeting you create
  Calls can be instantly routed to the extension & phone number of your choice
  Callers can be routed to additional voice prompts or menus
  Unlimited voice prompts & menus provide the ultimate in flexibility
  Additional Voicemail Boxes
  Web Based Account Management
  Visual Call Designer
  Unlimited extensions with instant call transfer & voicemail allows you to keep everyone in your company accessible from the office, on the road, home, or away
No Risk Free Trial Free   Transfer Your Existing Toll Free # Free
Unlimited Extensions Free   Online Realtime Call Reporting Free
Unlimited Voice Prompts & Menus Free   Caller ID Reporting Free
Call Transfers to US Destinations Free   After Hours Alternate Greeting Free
Additional Voicemail Boxes* Free   Email Notification Free
Web Based Account Management Free   ACD Automatic Call Distribution Free
Visual Call Designer Free   Music on Hold Free
When a caller dials your toll free number, they can be forwarded to phone numbers of your choice.  Callers can also listen, interact and respond to multiple pre-recorded messages that you create right from the VoiceShot Web site.  You can create virtual "extensions" that callers can enter to listen to pre-recorded messages or personalized greetings, transfer to a live person or leave voice mail messages.  An unlimited number of extensions are supported and all caller key presses are downloadable and viewable in real-time.  All of these powerful features make VoiceShot Toll Free an incredible value.  

Get Your Toll Free Number Instantly
Sign up and get a VoiceShot Toll Free number or use your existing number.  Get started in minutes.

Easy Recording Options
Record greetings by phone or with your computer microphone. (Professional talent also available)

Unlimited Extensions
Assign people or departments extension numbers that you create.

Callers can leave messages and you can retrieve your voice messages by phone. Additional Voicemail boxes available at no cost.

Call Transfer
Transfer callers to the phone numbers of your choice, for example your office, home, cell phone, etc.

Unlimited Voice Prompts and Menus
Create your own toll free campaign using as many voice prompts and menu options as needed.

Web Based Account Set Up and Management
Control everything from your online account.  Create, design, start & stop your campaign.  Assign Toll Free numbers to specific campaigns with ease.

Visual Call Designer

Once your voice files are recorded then you can organize and create your toll free campaign with ease using the visual call designer.

Auto Attendant
Calls to your VoiceShot toll free number are answered by an auto attendant that greets callers and routes calls. Your customers and coworkers can instantly reach any employee anytime regardless of location.

Real-Time Online Call Reporting
View and download real-time reports which include caller id, caller key press response, menu item selections and more.

No Busy Signals
Utilize VoiceShot's telecommunications infrastructure to never miss a call.

ACD - Automatic Call Distribution
Call routing on a sequential or rotational basis to multiple live representatives based on your preferences.

Day / Night / Alternate / After Hours / Holiday Greetings
Schedule unique greetings to play at the times and days of your choice.

Music / Message on Hold
Callers listen to music or customized messages while waiting to be transferred.

Conditional Call Branching (Surveys & Polls)
Caller key presses determine call flow and menu navigation allowing you to design highly detailed campaigns for surveys or polls.

Keep Your Existing Toll-Free Number
Port your existing toll free number at no cost.

Personalized Service
Representatives will take the time to answer all of your questions and assist you from start to finish and on an ongoing basis.

Telephone and Email Support
Quick & responsive sales and technical support.

  McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

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* Additional Voicemail boxes available at no cost for all Premier Plans, excluding Lite.


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