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What Are Automated Voicemail Drops? Do You Need It?

If you were to call 10 of your closest friends and family members from a number they wouldn’t recognize, how many would answer? If you guessed that the majority wouldn’t answer, you’re right in line with research findings that give us all a good reason to consider using automated voicemail drops. The Pew Research Center…

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How to Choose the Best Automated Call Reminder Software

What Is Automated Call Reminder Software? Making your customer service more efficient often consists of delegating specific tasks to automated platforms. Getting automated call reminder software, for instance, can be a simple step to obtain multiple benefits, but all platforms aren’t the same. First, let’s define what this software is. Automated calling or reminder call…

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4 Reasons to Use Interactive Voice Broadcasting

Interactive Voice Broadcasting: Learn the Basics Voice broadcasting is a method of mass communication. This system broadcasts a message to hundreds, or even thousands, of customers simultaneously via phone. More specifically, an interactive voice broadcasting system allows recipients to reply to messages via keypress or voice. You can commonly see this technology applied to businesses…

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How to Get the Most Out of Voice Broadcasting Software

What Is Voice Broadcasting Software? Voice broadcasting software makes it possible for companies to communicate highly targeted voice messages simultaneously to multiple telephone numbers.  . The technology cost-effectively does this by automating message delivery to a large number of qualified prospects. It is usually a valuable component of a marketing personalization strategy. According to Statista,…

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What Are the Best Automated Calling System for Schools?

What Are Automated Calling Systems for Schools? School operations have been considerably disrupted during the pandemic since they are indoor facilities where large numbers of people gather. While reopening plans are taking place, these learning institutions have to remain flexible, as remote classes and administrative duties aren’t yet out of the picture. Automated calling systems…

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Appointment Reminder Phone Calls to Reduce Patient No-Shows

Why Are No-Show Policies with Appointment Reminder Phone Calls Important?  In some patients’ minds, missing a medical or healthcare appointment might seem inconsequential, but it significantly impacts their treatments and the practitioner’s business. Sometimes, all it takes is a few appointment reminder phone calls to avoid this inconvenience, included in a more comprehensive no-show policy. …

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What to Look for in an Intelligent Voice Broadcast System

What Is an Intelligent Voice Broadcast System? An intelligent voice broadcast system allows businesses to send mass communication messages via voice broadcasting. When using this technology, your business has the advantage of reaching a substantial number of potential and current customers quickly and effectively.  Small businesses have proven to be particularly interested in voice broadcast…

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