woman receiving an automated call

How to Make Automated Calls

If learning how to make automated calls has been on your to-do list for some time, you’re not alone. While many businesses have already jumped on board and are seeing amazing results, others aren’t sure that now is the time to launch a new initiative for their business. Still others may believe that non-verbal forms…

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woman answering a phone call

What Is an Automated Calling Service?

What is an automated calling service? An automated calling service is a computerized system that allows you to quickly deliver pre-recorded messages to every number on a call list. Instead of manually calling one phone number at a time, you can allow a computer to dial hundreds if not thousands of numbers in much less…

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What is Intelligent Voice Broadcasting?

Automated voice messaging and voice broadcasting have been buzzwords for a while now, but what is intelligent voice broadcasting? It’s a lot simpler than it may sound, so allow us to break it down for you. Intelligent voice broadcasting is a telephone broadcasting system that comes with intelligent features to personalize your messages and encourage…

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7 Essential Features of Voicemail Drop Software

As voicemail drop software becomes more accessible and affordable, many businesses are wondering how to use it effectively. The first step is to select the right voicemail broadcasting service. Your service provider choice will determine the quality of your messages and the features you have available to create voice drop campaigns. Once you select your…

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woman receiving automated appointment reminder calls

Benefits of Automated Appointment Reminder Calls

Quick! What is the day and time for your next pre-scheduled doctor or dental appointment? If you would have to pull out your phone or open a planner to answer that question, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re also not alone if you know you’ve scheduled an appointment for the future but haven’t written the…

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woman on the phone

What is Voice Broadcasting, and Why Use It?

What is voice broadcasting? It’s much like standing on a stage in front of a large crowd with a megaphone. You have an urgent message that you need everyone in the audience to hear immediately, so you speak into the megaphone. Your message is carried across the crowd, bringing everyone’s attention to the stage. Voice…

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Man smiling on the phone outside

Top 5 Voicemail Drop Best Practices

If you’re ready to study voicemail drop best practices, you’re probably awakening to the realities of traditional outbound sales strategies. Once upon a time, all you needed was a phone with service, a call list, and someone willing to make the calls. You could reach everyone on the list if you were patient and your…

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Voice Appointment Reminders: Do They Work?

What if you could eliminate no-shows and cancellations with voice appointment reminders that practically send themselves? That may sound unrealistic, but it’s what most medical and dental offices, law firms, and other service-based businesses are doing today. Once set up properly, automated appointment reminders are an effective solution for costly schedule gaps. The benefits of…

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woman receiving a phone call

How to Leverage Voice Broadcast Marketing Effectively

Effective communication is king. And today there are several ways to make an instant connection, from email to text messaging services. So, why are so many businesses investing in voice broadcast marketing to reach customers and follow up on leads? Because phone conversations are more personal. Telephone marketing is still highly effective, even in today’s…

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