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Top 5 Voicemail Drop Best Practices

If you’re ready to study voicemail drop best practices, you’re probably awakening to the realities of traditional outbound sales strategies. Once upon a time, all you needed was a phone with service, a call list, and someone willing to make the calls. You could reach everyone on the list if you were patient and your…

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How to Leverage Voice Broadcast Marketing Effectively

Effective communication is king. And today there are several ways to make an instant connection, from email to text messaging services. So, why are so many businesses investing in voice broadcast marketing to reach customers and follow up on leads? Because phone conversations are more personal. Telephone marketing is still highly effective, even in today’s…

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How to Get the Most Out of a Voice Message Broadcasting System + Use Case Examples

While many businesses are focusing on email and other online marketing strategies, the telephone still remains one of the most personal ways to connect with others internally and externally. If you’re concerned that making mass telephone calls or sending bulk voicemails will consume too much time while increasing your phone bill, it’s time to explore…

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Phone Broadcasting Software

Phone Broadcasting Software: Why Copper/PRI Lines Are Best

How often do you receive a text message from your favorite store telling you they have a sale on or a restaurant promoting free delivery? Have you received an automated call from a doctor’s office reminding you of an upcoming appointment? How about an emergency weather alert from the National Weather Service? The chances are…

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4 Reasons to Use Interactive Voice Broadcasting

Interactive Voice Broadcasting: Learn the Basics Voice broadcasting is a method of mass communication. This system broadcasts a message to hundreds, or even thousands, of customers simultaneously via phone. More specifically, an interactive voice broadcasting system allows recipients to reply to messages via keypress or voice. You can commonly see this technology applied to businesses…

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How to Get the Most Out of Voice Broadcasting Software

What Is Voice Broadcasting Software? Voice broadcasting software makes it possible for companies to communicate highly targeted voice messages simultaneously to multiple telephone numbers.  . The technology cost-effectively does this by automating message delivery to a large number of qualified prospects. It is usually a valuable component of a marketing personalization strategy. According to Statista,…

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What to Look for in an Intelligent Voice Broadcast System

What Is an Intelligent Voice Broadcast System? An intelligent voice broadcast system allows businesses to send mass communication messages via voice broadcasting. When using this technology, your business has the advantage of reaching a substantial number of potential and current customers quickly and effectively.  Small businesses have proven to be particularly interested in voice broadcast…

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