woman receiving automated appointment reminder calls

Benefits of Automated Appointment Reminder Calls

Quick! What is the day and time for your next pre-scheduled doctor or dental appointment? If you would have to pull out your phone or open a planner to answer that question, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re also not alone if you know you’ve scheduled an appointment for the future but haven’t written the…

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Voice Appointment Reminders: Do They Work?

What if you could eliminate no-shows and cancellations with voice appointment reminders that practically send themselves? That may sound unrealistic, but it’s what most medical and dental offices, law firms, and other service-based businesses are doing today. Once set up properly, automated appointment reminders are an effective solution for costly schedule gaps. The benefits of…

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Do Phone Call Appointment Reminder Services Work?

In February 2019, close to 1,500 healthcare leaders responded to a survey sent out by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). The poll asked if the leaders used automated appointment reminders for their practices, and the answer was yes for 88% of the respondents. That speaks to the popularity of text and phone call appointment…

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Appointment Reminder Phone Calls to Reduce Patient No-Shows

Why Are No-Show Policies with Appointment Reminder Phone Calls Important?  In some patients’ minds, missing a medical or healthcare appointment might seem inconsequential, but it significantly impacts their treatments and the practitioner’s business. Sometimes, all it takes is a few appointment reminder phone calls to avoid this inconvenience, included in a more comprehensive no-show policy. …

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