How to Evaluate Appointment Reminder Services and Costs

An ineffective appointment reminder service can cost your business on several different levels. While no-shows directly cost businesses billions of dollars in revenue annually, just in the U.S., indirect costs include lowered satisfaction rates and diminished operational efficiency. In a fast-paced world now reliant upon automation, the appointment reminder service cost a business pays tends…

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Appointment Reminder Software for Small Businesses

Can You Save Money with Appointment Reminder Software for Small Businesses?

Our modern lives are filled with appointments. With this in mind, staying on schedule is important for everyone, be it the person making the appointment or the person waiting for them to arrive. Naturally, this means a lot of reminding people about appointments, which in and of itself only adds to the extreme abundance of…

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Best Practices for Implementing Automated Appointment Reminders

If you’re a business that sets appointments with your customers, it can be easy for your scheduling to get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes, clients miss appointments. We live in a world in which information comes at us 24/7, often causing people to forget what’s going on at any point in time.  One of the…

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manager receiving an Appointment Reminder Call

A Guide to Appointment Reminder Calls With Examples

Clear communication is key if you’re in a client-facing business where you make appointments with your clients. Telling your clients the vital information they need about their appointment, whether via SMS texting or phone call, will ensure they remember the details and actually attend.  Whether you are a doctor’s office, a real estate agent, or…

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How to Set Up Automated Appointment Reminder Calls

Many businesses, from medical practices to law firms, carefully schedule their days to ensure that they have the right amount of time to spend with each patient or client. When clients fail to show up on time for their appointments, it can cause retention issues, decreased efficiency, and lost revenue for your business. While automated…

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Benefits of Automated Appointment Reminder Calls

Quick! What is the day and time for your next pre-scheduled doctor or dental appointment? If you would have to pull out your phone or open a planner to answer that question, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re also not alone if you know you’ve scheduled an appointment for the future but haven’t written the…

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Voice Appointment Reminders: Do They Work?

What if you could eliminate no-shows and cancellations with voice appointment reminders that practically send themselves? That may sound unrealistic, but it’s what most medical and dental offices, law firms, and other service-based businesses are doing today. Once set up properly, automated appointment reminders are an effective solution for costly schedule gaps. The benefits of…

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Do Phone Call Appointment Reminder Services Work?

In February 2019, close to 1,500 healthcare leaders responded to a survey sent out by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). The poll asked if the leaders used automated appointment reminders for their practices, and the answer was yes for 88% of the respondents. That speaks to the popularity of text and phone call appointment…

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Appointment Reminder Phone Calls to Reduce Patient No-Shows

Why Are No-Show Policies with Appointment Reminder Phone Calls Important?  In some patients’ minds, missing a medical or healthcare appointment might seem inconsequential, but it significantly impacts their treatments and the practitioner’s business. Sometimes, all it takes is a few appointment reminder phone calls to avoid this inconvenience, included in a more comprehensive no-show policy. …

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