Reach Thousands Instantly: Send Alerts, Reminders, & Polls via High-Quality Voice Calls (No VoIP!)

Automate mass communication without sacrificing quality. VoiceShot's dedicated lines & advanced technology deliver high-impact voice broadcasts, without compromise, just instant connections at scale.


Frustrated with dropped calls and garbled voicemails? Most platforms struggle to distinguish between humans and machines, leading to frustrating delays and lost messages. VoiceShot solves this with cutting-edge human/machine detection and reliable copper landlines, ensuring your messages reach their target and sound crystal-clear.

Why We Win


Start sending hundreds of thousands of voice messages in minutes.


With direct lines from the carriers VoiceShot delivers messages at higher quality and accuracy than VoIP.

Clear Pricing

No set up fees or minimums. No charge for unsuccessful, busy or on-answered calls.

World Class
Customer Support

VoiceShot's customer service team will have you launching campaigns in days, not weeks.

Get Started in Minutes with Easy Campaign Set-Up

Deliver unique messages depending on live answers or voicemail

Set-up how many times to retry busy or unanswered calls

Skip the “Spam Risk” message with authorized Caller ID numbers


Securely Manage Your Contact List

Use an existing call list or enter contacts manually.

Identify if you want to reach only landlines, cell phones or both.

Create Do Not Call list for opt outs.

Why We Are No.1 in Voice Broadcasting

Monitor calls and status in real-time to see calls that have been dialed, answered live or sent to voicemail.

Match recipient key press responses with information from your contact list.

Based on responses; start, stop or pause a voice broadcast from your account.


Outbound Voice Broadcasting

Cloud Phone System

Text Messaging

Appointment Reminder

Urgent Alert

VoiceShot API

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