Business Landline Face-Off: Copper versus VoIP–Which Is More Stable?

Perhaps you’ve heard about the debate between copper wires and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). They both have their unique advantages, but years of performance prowess reveals a clear winner in this head-to-head. In this article, we’ll look at how businesses use both copper and VoIP for voice broadcasting and explain why one is the…

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Does Voicemail Drop Marketing Work?

It’s been a long time since you had to answer the phone when it rang to see who was on the other end – and a longer time still since missing that call meant not knowing what the person wanted. As a result, voicemail drop marketing is gaining in popularity. Now, call recipients can check…

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How to Use Intelligent Voice Broadcast Effectively

Intelligent voice broadcasting can be used in a wide range of industries and for a number of potential purposes. More of your customers have smartphones than ever: 97% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind, and approximately 85% of Americans have a smartphone. Not only that, most people keep those devices handy, whether…

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7 Essential Features of Voicemail Drop Software

As voicemail drop software becomes more accessible and affordable, many businesses are wondering how to use it effectively. The first step is to select the right voicemail broadcasting service. Your service provider choice will determine the quality of your messages and the features you have available to create voice drop campaigns. Once you select your…

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Top 5 Voicemail Drop Best Practices

If you’re ready to study voicemail drop best practices, you’re probably awakening to the realities of traditional outbound sales strategies. Once upon a time, all you needed was a phone with service, a call list, and someone willing to make the calls. You could reach everyone on the list if you were patient and your…

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