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How to Choose the Best Automated Call Reminder Software

What Is Automated Call Reminder Software?

Making your customer service more efficient often consists of delegating specific tasks to automated platforms. Getting automated call reminder software, for instance, can be a simple step to obtain multiple benefits, but all platforms aren’t the same.

First, let’s define what this software is. Automated calling or reminder call is “An automated service which you can set up in advance to make a telephone call to you at a fixed time for the purpose of reminding you of something important.” 

When used in business settings, these platforms will let your business send essential reminders to a considerable volume of people in minimal time. The best software will transform a manual task into an effortless, online-based procedure that results in automated calls that are reliable, of high quality, and with high deliverability rates.

Consider the scenario in which you have an extensive database of customers who need to receive alerts about upcoming appointments. Sending them a message with automated call reminder software is an effective way of accomplishing this goal. You can also include specific details, such as calls to action and where they can go for additional information.

But how do you find a platform that ensures your calls get through in their entirety while fitting within your budget? We’ll outline key features to look for so you get the most value from your investment.

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Features Included in the Best Automated Call Reminder Software

Regardless of the industry you’re in; if you’re still wondering if automated call reminder software is the right solution, some data may help you decide. For example, the cost of missed appointments can be as much as $150,000 in lost revenue and additional labor costs. Moreover, for a multi-physician office, no-shows can mean a loss of over one million dollars per year.

Another context where these reminders are helpful is payment collections. You can automatically remind customers of upcoming payments to make sure they comply in time. Expiration or renewal reminders can help your customers update or refill their products or services in a timely manner.

An excellent reminder platform can do so much for your company if you know the best features. Check out the following characteristics:

Copper PRI lines

VoIP lines are often problematic when it comes to call delivery and quality. Ideally, you will want to partner with a company that can handle automated calls and voicemail drops on copper lines with greater reliability, efficiency, and call quality than VoIP.

Free trial

Any new technology has a cost. Look for a solution that enables you to create a free account without risk so you can try it before you decide to invest in it. 


Leading automated call reminder software providers should not ask you for setup fees or minimums and should charge you per minute. Additionally, you don’t have to pay any charges for failed calls, busy lines, or hung-up calls.

Customer Service

Service always matters, and you want to be able to get help when you need it. For questions and comments, both customer service and technical support staff should be available by e-mail and phone anytime. 

Reminders and More

Automated calling systems can also be a valuable tool for collecting customer feedback. You should inquire about the ability to create surveys and polls on the systems you are considering. With the best platforms, you’ll find a streamlined interface so you can test before you publish your survey.

Call Scheduling

You may want to set up a call to send at a later date. In the best-automated call reminder software, you should have the option of scheduling your calls to send them any time and any day of the week.

Calendar Integration

You need to keep track of which messages you sent when – without having to check a separate calendar. Find automated call reminder software that integrates with popular calendars such as Google Calendar or Outlook.

Control and Reporting

Keeping complete control over messages is paramount, and having access to performance is critical in understanding the value of your efforts and investment. Your account should allow you to edit automated calling messages, such as starting, stopping, pausing, speeding up, and slowing down. You should also have the ability to view real-time results, including the time, day, and success or failure rate, as well as identify customers who have confirmed, canceled or rescheduled an appointment.

Conditional Call Branching

Depending on the key presses received from call recipients, leading companies in the automated calling industry can help you determine call flow and route. For example, you can transfer a call to a live agent or play another message if the user presses a particular key. In short, you will have the ability to create straightforward or complex reminder campaigns instantly.

Recording Methods

As business conditions get more challenging, easy methods for recording your reminders are essential. Your partner should let you choose between phone calls, using your computer mic, or uploading pre-recorded sound files. An effective text-to-speech service can also help you customize the message for each recipient easily.

Benefits of Automated Call Reminder Software

The best-automated call reminder software provides a series of benefits for your business. Let’s review them in detail.

Cost Savings

Automating reminder calls saves you time and money. It is possible to automatically call hundreds or even thousands of people at once, almost without human involvement. Simply enter a few brief details, and your system will play a recorded message to anyone in your database when a person picks up the call. When your message reaches a machine or voice mail system, it is also possible to leave an alternative recording.

Implementing this technology can benefit any industry since it quickly reaches a broad audience and achieves great results. You will be able to contact customers with much more personalized messages given automated calling systems’ low cost.

Time Savings 

Automating any type of reminder can alleviate the burden on your staff to inform customers of their appointments, pending payments, renewals, etc. As a result, your team is now able to focus on higher-value tasks, such as personalized customer follow-up, greeting clients individually, or solving more complex customer cases.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Your clients will directly benefit from your decision to register for automated call reminder software. They will not have to call your customer service staff for booking or rescheduling appointments, for example. They can also keep their products and services active with reminder calls and renew subscriptions or get refills on time. 

Fewer Appointment Cancellations

Your business will prevent missed customer or patient appointments, which will allow you to save time and money through the use of automated reminders calls. When in combination with SMS, reminder calls can be a powerful outreach strategy. A call reminder system will handle the task for you, and your clients won’t have to permanently check their schedules to find out when they need to attend your office, make a payment, renew a subscription, among others.

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