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How to Use Intelligent Voice Broadcast Effectively

Intelligent voice broadcasting can be used in a wide range of industries and for a number of potential purposes. More of your customers have smartphones than ever: 97% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind, and approximately 85% of Americans have a smartphone.

Not only that, most people keep those devices handy, whether they’re at home our headed out around town. Around 74% of Americans feel uneasy leaving those critical mobile devices at home. That means that they are almost always connected, phones readily at hand. As a result, intelligent voice broadcast has the potential to reach those Americans where they are. 

What is Intelligent Voice Broadcast, and How Does It Work?

Intelligent voice broadcasting allows you to send interactive phone messages to groups of any size based on your marketing targets and potential audience. Drop a voice message to voicemail or have an interactive message ring through so that customers can answer it and provide their answers on the spot.

Get out the information that is being offered about a product, service, or appointment. If you want to share specific information with your customers, intelligent voice broadcast is a great way to do it.

Outbound voice messages have a number of potential advantages. They allow you to get insights directly from your customers in a timely manner or to share voice messages that can keep them updated about the latest changes in your products, your system, or your rules, such as when Covid-19 procedures change or you have a great new product update you want to share. Intelligent voice broadcast can be customized to smaller groups of customers, or you can send the same message to everyone on the list.

How to Use Intelligent Voice Broadcast

Are you looking for ways to use intelligent voice broadcast for your brand? As mentioned, it’s an efficient and effective way to reach existing customers, potential customers, and others with your message. Let’s look at some examples of how intelligent voice broadcast can help your business.

Marketing Uses

Voice broadcast is highly useful for many of your marketing purposes. 

Communicate Specials

Do you have a changing array of specials that your customers might want to know about? Do you offer specific specials rarely, making it a major event for many of your customers? Intelligent voice broadcast could be the best way to notify your customers about the latest changes or specials available to them.

You may want to let customers sign up for a list that will keep them informed. Do they want a call when a specific item goes on sale? Do they want to know when sales and promotions change at your retail location or online?

Through intelligent voice broadcast, you can keep your customers fully informed and connected, which can, in many cases, help raise sales and overall customer satisfaction. Being part of that list may also make customers feel like they’re a valued part of your business since they’ll have that extra contact that will keep them informed.

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Share New Products and Services

When your brand does something new, your customers may want to know about it. Intelligent voice broadcast is a great way to keep them informed. Through your broadcasts, you can share information about your latest products and services, the benefits they might offer to your customers, and when they’ll be available.

Share everything from the new ice cream flavor of the month to the fantastic new technological innovation that you know is going to permanently change the face of your industry. Your customers will be excited because they’re the first to know!

New product and service announcements aren’t just vital in the retail industry. Suppose, for example, that you’re a niche medical specialist who offers specific dermatological services for your business. As you add to the equipment you have on hand, you may want to send out a message sharing that information with your clients so they can make an appointment to use them.

Likewise, suppose that you’re in the construction industry. Previously, you may have specialized in handling outdoor updates, including updating clients’ outdoor living spaces. As your services expand, you may want to offer more information about your new services and the benefits they can offer your clients, especially those who are likely to use you for future updates.

Send Out Sale Reminders

For many of your customers, there’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on a major sale, especially if you’re one of their favorite retailers. Buying at the right time can make a huge difference in their costs for many of the purchases they would be making anyway. Furthermore, missing out on a sale could mean that they miss out on purchases they would otherwise make.

With intelligent voice broadcast, you can easily send out those essential sale reminders and make sure that none of your customers are left on the outside. Provide customers with reminders before the big day so that they can budget, make plans, and come in to make the most of your biggest sales each season.

Appointment Reminders

Intelligent voice broadcast is also an excellent solution for automated appointment reminders.  While missed appointments can vary dramatically by practice, most practices note that no-shows are a serious problem. Those missed appointments can mean a number of scheduling frustrations and considerable lost revenue for your business. 

Automated appointment reminders, on the other hand, can cut down on no-shows and make sure that your practice doesn’t miss out on essential client appointments. Research has shown that one appointment reminder call is helpful and in some cases, two can be even more beneficial.

Use interactive voice broadcasting to allow patients or clients to respond to their appointment reminders and either confirm or reschedule their appointments, which can prevent customers who might otherwise miss their appointments from never following up with you.

Appointment reminders can also be customized with other information your patients or clients might need. For example, if you’re a lawyer with an important appointment with a client, you might want your appointment reminder to include a clear reminder of any paperwork your clients need to bring with them. Do visitors to your office frequently have questions about parking? Your appointment reminder might include a brief description of where to park.

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Automated Polls and Surveys

In addition to providing you with the ability to send out information to your customers or your target audience, intelligent voice broadcasting can allow you to collect information from them, too. Automated polls and surveys allow your subscribers to respond to your questions, providing you with more information about their unique needs. 

Rate Customer Satisfaction

Through your automated polls and surveys, you can get a better overall feel for what your customers want and how satisfied they are with their interactions with your business. Were they pleased with the outcome of their latest interaction with you? Did they have a good experience? With a few simple button presses, they can answer those questions, allowing you to make adjustments accordingly. 

Suppose, for example, that you’ve made a recent change to your menu. You might want to send out a customer satisfaction survey to gauge how customers are really responding to the change and what shifts you might need to make in the future.

Learn About Customer Needs

Sometimes, you may want to know what purchases your customers might be eager to make or what products they need. With automated surveys, you can quickly gather a great deal of information from your customers. 

For example, you might want to ask what features customers would like to see most in a new product release or get more information about where customers are directing their spending.

As a rule of thumb, keep your surveys and polls short. The more information you try to collect from your customers at the same time, the greater the likelihood that customers will choose not to answer the full survey. However, when it comes to essential information, intelligent voice broadcast is a great way to learn more about your customers’ preferences.

Company-Wide Messages

Sometimes, you may need to share widespread messages quickly and effectively. In some cases, you might need to get information out to your employees quickly: a day when the store is closed for inclement weather, for example. In other cases, you may need to share sweeping policy changes with both employees and customers quickly.

The Covid-19 crisis is an excellent example of a time in which policies may have changed quickly. Customers needed to know immediately if a store’s masking policy changed or if a venue had a vaccination requirement for their attendance.

Intelligent voice broadcast is a highly effective way to ensure that customers have that information when they need it, especially as that information changed dramatically from one week to the next.

Emergency Messages

In addition to company-wide messages sent out because of ongoing changes or challenges in the company, you can also use intelligent voice broadcast to get in touch with your customers or employees in an emergency—and make sure that they fully understand any challenges they might need to deal with. 

Suppose, for example, that you have a business in an area that is hit hard by a hurricane. You need to let both employees and customers know whether you will be open the next day. With intelligent voice broadcast, you can quickly and easily send out that emergency message to multiple groups, with messages customized for each.

You can let employees know that they do not need to come in to work the next day, and you can let customers know that you will not be open for business until any structural or weather-related problems with the building, like flooding, have been addressed.

Intelligent voice broadcast makes it easy to notify all employees and customers at the same time, which means you and your employees can stay focused on dealing with the emergency situation instead of having to worry about making calls.

You may want to customize your emergency messages based on your contact lists. For example, your emergency message to your employees might note that employees need to check in with management to notify them about any specific challenges they might be facing, while the message to customers might be that your team will reach out to reschedule appointments within the next few days.

You can even customize those messages based on customers who have current appointments, letting them know that those dates have been canceled due to the emergency situation. Simply design the different messages you want to use for each desired group, then send or schedule the send.

One difficult situation can be handled quickly by creating as many customized messages as needed for different phone lists, including employees, people who had an appointment, people who did not have an appointment, and customers in general, and then sending them all out. Using a web-based platform can allow you to take care of this task quickly and easily from anywhere.

Learn More About the Benefits of Intelligent Voice Broadcast for Your Business

Intelligent voice broadcast offers a number of advantages for businesses in a number of industries. As you consider the needs of your customers and how you can best meet those needs, take a look at how intelligent voice broadcasts can offer better overall communication and even interaction with your customers. 

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