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Is It Time to Invest in a Phone Broadcasting Service for Your Company?

Timing is critical when embracing any new technology or marketing strategy for your business. If you wait too long, you could find yourself chasing the early success of competitors and losing market share. If you jump too fast or at the wrong time, you could face a failure that costs a lot of time and money. If you’re hearing a lot about phone broadcasting services, you’re likely questioning if now is the right time to invest.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the best business technology will meet the following criteria:

·         Support your internal team

·         Elevate customer experience with your brand

·         Reduce costs

·         Increase revenue

·         Improve efficiency

A good phone broadcasting service meets all of those criteria regardless of your industry or company size. You can use it to improve internal communications while offering a more personal method of communicating with past, current, and future customers. Automated phone broadcasts are more affordable than hiring a live call center and can help increase revenue.

Efficiency is another point in favor of utilizing phone broadcasting. When phone messages are pre-recorded and delivered at scheduled times to set call lists, you don’t have to lean on staff members for manual calling. From sales to human resources and the appointment desk, many departments within a company can utilize automated phone messaging to improve efficiency in workflow.

It’s clear why phone broadcasting is considered a great technology for businesses in all industries. Next, let’s discuss how companies are currently utilizing this technology successfully.

How are Phone Broadcasting Services Utilized by Businesses?

Every business will use phone broadcasting differently. It depends on your industry, marketing goals, and internal structure. Let’s discuss some of the most common usages to give you an idea of where it might fit into your company at this time.

Marketing Research & Campaigns

Interactive phone broadcasts are an excellent way to collect data on the behaviors, preferences, needs, and expectations of your target audience. The information you collect can help you make smart business decisions that position your company for growth and success in the future. You can also utilize phone broadcasts for general marketing campaigns.

For example, you may send out an interactive phone poll that allows your top customers to vote on the name for a new product. That gets your followers excited about the product before it’s launched and may kickstart some word-of-mouth advertising at just the right time. The winning name also tells you something about what your customers like and expect from your brand.

Appointment Reminders & Confirmations

Appointment reminders are heavily utilized in the medical field, but they’re valuable for any business that operates with an appointment calendar. Every time a customer cancels an appointment last minute or fails to show up, your company loses revenue. You may have to pay a service provider for the scheduled appointment even if there is no customer paying you.

You can combat the problem by sending multiple appointment reminders. The earliest reminder may give customers a chance to cancel their appointment with the click of a button on their phone. That gives you time to fill the appointment slot.

Last-minute reminder calls work to reduce the number of no-shows due to forgetfulness. With so many appointments now scheduled months in advance, you have to assume that some of your customers will forget some appointments. As reminder calls and text messages become the norm, many consumers depend on a reminder to keep them on track. 

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Internal Communications

You can also use a phone broadcasting service to send messages internally. Think of a team leader sending one message to every member of the team simultaneously instead of placing individual phone calls. Imagine your human resources sending company-wide messages to remind employees to sign up for benefits or take other necessary actions.

Employees are more likely to hear a phone message than they are to read an email. More than 300 billion email messages have been sent every day, starting back in 2020. By 2025, it’s estimated that more than 370 billion messages will go out every day.

Imagine how many email messages your employees receive and how difficult it is to sort the important messages from the everyday advertisements. You can compete with those overcrowded inboxes, or you can invest in phone broadcasting and make it easier for everyone to get each message you send in a timely manner.

For many managers and team leaders, sending out a quick voice or message is faster and easier than typing out an email message.

Emergency Broadcasts

Do you have a system in place to get messages out to your employees and/or customers quickly if an emergency occurs? How well has that system worked in the past? If you know you need something more reliable or faster, phone broadcasting is a great option. You can keep your emergency phone list up to date and then send a phone broadcast in just minutes if necessary.

Phone broadcasts are perfect for letting employees know when your business is closing due to inclement weather. You can also use them to alert customers on your daily schedule that you’re closing early or for the day. Include directions for getting their appointments rescheduled and save them the hassle of showing up to find a locked door.

You can also use emergency phone broadcasts to mobilize emergency or backup teams. Depending on the nature of your business, you may use this regularly or only in extreme circumstances.

5 Signs Your Company Needs a Phone Broadcasting Service Now

Are you starting to see how your company could use a phone broadcasting service? Let’s discuss some of the signs that you may need that service sooner rather than later. How many of these signs are present for your company right now?

1. You’re Short-Staffed and Need to Do More with Fewer Resources

Onboarding and retaining employees are among the biggest obstacles in the wake of the Covid pandemic. As millions of employees make bold career changes or quit altogether in favor of working from home and serving as their own bosses, businesses are struggling to find the employees they need. Once you have a full staff, you still must worry about retaining your best talent.

A phone broadcasting service can help you eliminate time-consuming tasks from your employees. Automating phone calls frees the team members you do retain to take care of more important matters.

2. Your Response and Engagement Rates are No Longer Up to Your Standards

Have you noticed a concerning dip in response rates from your email marketing campaigns? Maybe you’ve invested heavily in Facebook ads but aren’t seeing the conversions you enjoyed in the past due to recent platform changes. Incorporating automated phone broadcasts may help you increase engagement with your brand while getting a better response rate to your promotions.

3. You Need an Efficient Way to Handle Internal Communications with a Large or Virtual Staff

Whether you’ve recalled all of your employees back to the office or you’re still functioning with at least a partial at-home team, you may have new internal communication standards these days. You need to send fast messages to the entire company or to individual teams and departments. A phone broadcasting service can help you keep everyone connected without wasting a lot of time on emails or manual phone calls.

4. You Want to Make Your Marketing Campaigns More Personal and Urgent

Phone calls are about as personal as you can get for marketing. You can send a message that greets each person on your list in a relatable human voice. That’s a big step up from a voiceless text or email message. Sending a phone message also takes on a greater sense of urgency than email that your recipient will—hopefully—read at an unknown time in the future.

5. You Want to Invest in One System that Works Well for Internal Communications and Marketing

Think back to that list of criteria that we went through in the opening of this post. Remember those five guidelines for determining that a technology is right for your business? Internal communications and customer experience were at the top of that list.

You can hit both of those out of the park by investing in one phone broadcasting service. Take care of your employees and elevate customer experience with one technology and one affordable investment.

How to Get Started with a Phone Broadcasting Service

Identifying a reputable phone broadcasting service that you can trust is the first step to making this technology work for your company. You’re looking for a full-featured service that is based in the cloud, allowing you complete control and access to your phone broadcasts from any device with an internet connection.

You should also look for high-quality technology that operates on copper lines established and maintained by leading communications companies. While VoIP services are becoming quite popular, they have some vulnerabilities that can lead to lower call quality and reduced successful delivery rates.

VoiceShot operates on dedicated copper or RPI lines that deliver crystal clear messages consistently. Our system is highly intuitive, which means you can signup for a phone broadcasting service and start sending messages quickly. Contact us or sign up today to get started.