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10 Ways Automated Voice Broadcasting Can Benefit Your Business

We spend a lot of time here talking about what voice broadcasting is, how it works, and what businesses of all sizes can expect when using it for internal communications or marketing. Along the way, we’ve shared many marketing tips and strategies. After 20 years in the industry, we’ve seen a lot of successes from well-known and brand-new brands. We’ve helped an impressive list of clients adjust our system to make it work for their unique needs.

Today, we want to simply list all the benefits that come from using automated voice broadcasting for business. One thing we know is that new clients don’t always understand what they have to gain from voice broadcasting until they start launching campaigns and monitoring the results.

We want to give you an advantage by spelling out 10 of the biggest automated voice broadcasting benefits. Use this information to make a final decision on the usefulness of phone marketing for your company.

Many Uses for One System

Once you gain access to a full-service voice broadcasting service, you will find many uses for the technology. You may start out creating call lists and prerecorded messages for internal communications and later implement mass phone messaging for marketing purposes. For some businesses, it starts with marketing and later proves useful for internal communications.

We’re living through an amazing technology boom. There are apps and software solutions emerging for virtually every problem your business may encounter. If you can make one investment in a specific technology with many applications, you can save a significant amount of money and time.

If you use voice broadcasting for marketing, you will also find that it works well with email, social media, and many other marketing strategies. It can make your overall marketing plan more effective.

Low Barrier to Entry

When you choose the right voice broadcasting system, you won’t spend a lot of time or money getting started. Cloud-based systems are fast and easy to sign up for, and you can send a free message to see how everything works and check quality on the receiving end. In just one morning or afternoon, you could set up your account, upload call lists, and have your first messages recorded.

For businesses with limited marketing or startup funds, voice broadcasting services are invaluable. You can control the overall cost of your investment by limiting the number of calls you send out. Your call volume can easily increase over time as you start to see returns on your investment.

You’re never locked into a plan with the most reputable services. It’s easy to let the system grow with you.

Reduce Cancellations and No Shows

One of the most popular applications for a voice broadcasting system is appointment reminders. You send out a message to remind customers that they have an appointment in the near future. Interactive features allow call recipients to cancel their appointment with the push of a button, giving you time to fill that appointment slot in advance.

Research has shown that appointment reminders are effective at reducing the rate of cancellations and no-shows. The fewer empty appointment slots you have, the less money you lose and the less time you waste.

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Get to Know Your Market

Interactive voice broadcasts allow you to collect information from your call list quickly. Imagine sending a message asking employees about their availability to work overtime on Saturday afternoon. Each employee hits a button to specify if they’re available, and you have a list of employees to put on the schedule as needed.

It works for marketing as well. Sending out fun phone surveys or polls can help you learn more about your target market. That information is then used to make decisions on product development, pricing, packaging, and many other critical details of the business.

Save Money and Time

If you’ve ever paid for live call center services, you know that the bill adds up quickly. You can easily pay $1-$2 per call, and rates can increase at any moment. You also have live call handlers placing calls for your business, and you never know if they’re living up to your quality standards on a consistent basis. When mistakes are made by humans, it can reflect negatively on your business.

If you use in-office staff members or virtual employees to place calls manually, it’s a time-intensive investment. You have to offer a competitive hourly wage or salary to maintain the best call handlers, and you have the overhead that comes with providing office space and/or equipment.

Automated voice broadcasting services cut out the human resources and overhead completely. Just one person or a small team can easily create the messages you need and assign them to the appropriate call lists. Scheduling features make it easy to prepare messages in advance and let them launch at the appropriate time.

Elevate Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Customer experience is critical to the long-term success of any business. From a consumer’s first encounter with your brand to their first order and the initial trial period for the product, you want everything to run smoothly. Communication is the best resource you have to make sure every customer is happy with every order.

Communicating effectively with every customer is an exhausting initiative that leads many businesses to pay for 24/7 call centers armed with well-trained customer service agents. Automated voice broadcasting services help you provide the same level of customer care with far less financial investment.

Here are some of the messages you can set up to keep your customers well informed throughout their experience with your company:

·         Shipping updates

·         Sale date reminders

·         Special discounts

·         Product information

·         Event updates

·         Group invitations

Indeed, voice broadcasting offers an all-in-one solution for many communication needs, aside from being an essential element of your marketing campaign. 

Align with Company Values and Branding

Everything from the tone of a message to the words used to make a statement can impact the image of your brand. Most businesses spend a lot of time developing their company culture and expressing their values to their market. The last thing you want is a slip of tongue on a phone call or a mistake in a call center script to create an image disaster for your brand.

That’s why using pre-recorded messages makes the most sense.  You can take your time to create one message that is perfectly expressed with just the right words and timing. That message is sent to every number on your call list without variation. You can rest easy knowing that your message is going to speak well for your business with no variation possible.

Segmented Marketing for Greater Precision in Messaging

The days of sending one generic message to everyone on a large call list are over. You can now use voice broadcasting software to divide that massive list into more targeted groups. Each smaller call list receives a highly targeted message that hits your goals with greater precision.

It may take a bit more time at first to create smaller call lists and fine-tune your messaging for each list. Once you have the system established, it’s easy to maintain your call lists and change your messages as needed. You have a more precise marketing tool that can deliver greater results.

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That Personal Touch

Voice message broadcasting allows you to personalize your marketing strategy. Every message is fine-tuned to the needs and expectations of each call recipient. You may have one call list for existing customers who may want to upgrade and another for interested prospects. Some lists are used for generating leads while others are more in line with established customers.

Modern marketing is all about personalization and direct connection with your audience. You want each person to feel like you’re speaking directly to them, and that’s easier to do when you’re literally speaking to them over the phone.

Speaking Over Typing

Do you find it easier to talk to someone than type an email that makes sense? Perhaps you’re an amazing closer when selling face-to-face but bomb most of the time when you have to sell through email or text. If that sounds like you, then consider the ability to speak one of the biggest benefits to investing in voice message broadcasting.

You can pre-record messages that say exactly what you want to say, even if you’re experiencing anxiety. You may tie your mass voicemail messages in with other elements of your marketing campaign, but this is one component of the system where you can speak easily and not worry about grammatical mistakes and typos.

Get Started with Automated Voice Broadcasting Today

If you believe that now is the time to make the leap into automated voice broadcasting, VoiceShot can meet all of your broadcasting needs. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we have fully invested in the best technology to deliver crystal clear phone messages in a timely manner.

You can get all of the benefits listed above by signing up with our highly intuitive system. Start by selecting the voice broadcasting services that best fit your current needs. We’ll walk you through the process of creating a test call so you can see the value we provide firsthand. Sign up today to get started!