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What Is an Automated Calling Service?

What is an automated calling service? An automated calling service is a computerized system that allows you to quickly deliver pre-recorded messages to every number on a call list. Instead of manually calling one phone number at a time, you can allow a computer to dial hundreds if not thousands of numbers in much less time.

Automated call technology started with the idea of delivering simple pre-recorded messages, but advanced systems can now interact with humans, making it possible to complete polls, cancel appointments, and connect callers to live customer service representatives. How you use this technology depends on what you hope to accomplish, but ideally, it will contribute to enhanced profitability through customer retention.

What exactly does that mean? It means you can profit more by using customer service to keep your clients happy. Research has shown that increasing customer retention by just 5% leads to increased profits of 25% or more. Loyal customers spend more money and are more likely to recommend a brand to others.

What does that have to do with automated calling services? There are ways to use this technology to improve the customer experience. You can also use it for marketing and internal communications, so your business has a lot to gain from automated call technology. Let’s take a closer look at how it all works.

What is an Automated Calling Service, and How Does It Work?

Automated phone calls are placed by computer software with the help of specialized hardware and a series of telephone lines. The computer dials multiple phone numbers simultaneously and does one of the following:

·         Delivers a pre-recorded voice message to a live person

·         Delivers a pre-recorded voice message to a voicemail inbox

·         Interacts with a live person, asking them to speak into the phone or press buttons to accomplish simple tasks

·         Connects a live person to a company representative in real time.

The process starts when a business or individual signs up for service with an automated calling service and creates pre-recorded voice messages. The next step is to upload a list of phone numbers, segmenting them into small, more targeted lists if needed. The process is completed when a call list is assigned to a pre-recorded message and then a date and time are assigned to the call campaign.

The software completes the campaign by dialing each number on the list at the scheduled time. Depending on the call features utilized for the campaign, the software will do one or more of the tasks listed above.

While no human call handlers are needed for automated calling, the experience is still connected to the brand sending out the calls. Customers will form positive or negative reactions to the call experience, which has a direct impact on branding and could impact customer retention.

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Why are Businesses Using Automated Calling Services?

Are there phone calls that you or your employees make on a routine basis? Most businesses have at least one or two types of calls that are critical to operations. Some of the most common options include:

·         Appointment reminders

·         Appointment confirmations

·         Product announcement calls

·         Informational messages

·         Update messages

·         Emergency alerts

·         Phone surveys

·         Discovery calls

·         Internal communications

So, what is an automated calling service, and how does it help with these calls? Automated calling systems can handle many phone calls that businesses make on a routine basis. That frees human employees from manual phone calls, improving efficiency in the office while enhancing the customer experience.

Indeed, these automated calling services can help as long as a few measures are taken by businesses:

·         Choose a reputable service provider utilizing copper lines instead of VoIP lines to ensure accurate message delivery. It’s essential that all calls are delivered with consistently high quality, even if you must pay a bit more for that quality.

·         Ensure automated calls are used strategically to solve customer service problems. For instance, connecting customers directly to a call representative able to solve a specific problem could prevent customers from being passed between multiple representatives. The process of explaining their problem over and over as different call reps get on the phone is one of the biggest frustrations of phone customer service.

Instead, customers want personalized service that meets their needs quickly, and automated calls can offer this while also streamlining the whole process. There is still a way for customers and prospective clients to reach a human in real time if needed. You don’t want to automate all customer service and eliminate human interaction entirely. There’s still a need for a human touch from time to time.

·         Large call lists are divided into smaller groups as needed. You want to send precise messages that are well targeted to the call list. Generic messages going out to thousands of people are not as effective as more personalized messages that cater to smaller groups.

Basically, you want to have some strategy in place when using automated calling technology. The wording and tone of every message are critical because they will reflect on your company and contribute to the customer experience with your brand. Let’s look at some of the ways many businesses are using automated calling software successfully. This may give you some ideas for implementing it yourself.

8 Reasons to Let an Automated Service Do the Calling for You

We’ve covered the question of the day: What is an automated calling service? It’s time to move into a discussion of how these services are used successfully by businesses in a wide variety of industries. Not all of these applications will apply to your business. The trick is to find the right applications to solve problems and improve efficiency for your unique company.

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Enhanced Efficiency

You can dial more numbers in less time with automated calling software. You get the message out faster and reach your marketing goals faster without paying employees to dial hundreds of thousands of numbers manually.

Consistent Branding

Everything said on a call represents your brand. Humans are unpredictable, especially when dealing with angry customers or other unpleasant personalities. When an emotionless computer does the call handling, you can keep it professional and consistent regardless of circumstances. The same voice, tone, and wording is used for every phone call.

The more work you put into creating a brand, the more interest you have in ensuring every word spoken on behalf of your company is consistent with that brand. Pre-recording your messages is a great way to do that with phone communications.

Predictability & Accuracy

When you record your messages in advance, you know exactly what every message is going to say. You can also change the message quickly if needed. If you’ve ever tried to correct details or change call scripts in a call center, you know that it takes some effort to get everyone on the same page in real time.

There’s a higher level of predictability and accuracy that comes with removing the human element from the communications process. Just keep in mind that there are cases where the human touch is necessary. That’s where using an automated calling strategy comes into play.

Reduced Stress on Team Members

Ask some of your employees how many phone calls they make every day. How many of those calls require them to repeat the same information over and over? When you automate those routine calls, you can take a time-consuming task off their plate. That allows them to work on more important tasks while improving their sense of job satisfaction.

Effective Marketing Stream

Automated call systems work well with all other forms of marketing. It may seem less personal when a message is pre-recorded, but it’s still more personal than email and texting because it involves a human voice. Most businesses can find effective uses for automated calls in their overall marketing plan.

Reduce Cancellations and No Shows

Every hole in your schedule represents lost revenue. When you use automated calling services to confirm appointments, you can reduce no-shows significantly. Sending early confirmations that allow customers to push a button to cancel an appointment can also help. Those early cancellations allow you to fill the holes in your schedule before it’s too late.

Eliminate the Call Center

Call centers are typically more expensive than automated call services. They also require onboarding and training for human call handlers, and there’s often a high rate of turnover with agents. Then you have a higher risk of error when dealing with humans. You can cut all that out or reduce your dependence on a call center when you use automated call services instead.

Automate Simple Processes

If your business processes simple tasks by phone on a routine basis, you can likely do it more efficiently with automated calling software. Some of the simple tasks a computer can do for you include:

·         Payment processing

·         Account verification

·         Information delivery

High-Quality Automated Call Services Available Now

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