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What Is Voicemail Drop Marketing (and Why You Need It)

A voicemail drop is one of the most efficient and affordable ways for your sales teams to communicate with leads and customers today. Voicemail drop marketing is a multipurpose system that takes your pre-recorded message  and delivers the message to a lead’s phone or voicemail. The software uses sophisticated technology to send these messages to your customers and potential leads without you having to pick up the phone.

Hence, you can achieve your sales conversion targets and boost customer engagement. 

What makes automating your voicemail drops such a good idea, after all? You cannot change the fact that most people will not answer their phones when they receive a call from a number not in the contacts on their device or are busy with appointments, business meetings, or even dinner. This gives you all the more reason to consider using automated voicemail drops. 

Why Voicemail Drop Marketing?

Voicemail drops are pre-recorded messages left in the voicemail box of a recipient that cannot answer live for their convenience. By automating the process, you can send the same message to all the people on your call list who don’t answer their phones, and that too without having to repeat the same message — making sales calls more efficient.

Voicemail drop marketing is ideal for sales teams and billing departments who want to share non-urgent information with leads and customers. As a reminder, voicemail drop marketing allows your agents to focus on more important tasks while prompting them about upcoming appointments.

How It Works

Adaptive signaling technology is used with software to make voicemail drop work.

  • Save your recorded message to your program or computer.
  • Choose an already existing list of contacts, such as the one in your CRM.
  • You can choose to message all contacts or specific ones.
  • Send your voice drops to your list by clicking the button. 

By using voicemail drop marketing, your marketing, sales team and billing department can focus on other tasks and leave the calls to the automated service. You can see how many and which live recipients actually listened to your message through a real-time dashboard available with most voicemail drop software. 

Benefits of Voicemail Drop Messages

Voicemail drops are an excellent way to reach a large number of customers in a short amount of time, making them ideal for a variety of businesses and departments, such as sales, marketing, and accounting.

Voicemail drops allow reps to work with less data entry and achieve higher sales volumes. Automated programs handle everything, from dialing to logging to moving a call recipient from one list to another. Having pre-recorded messages ensures that your team delivers the best possible service and promotes a consistent brand image.

Moreover, a person is far less likely to delete a voicemail without listening to it, unlike a phone call, which people can ignore or decline without much thought. Furthermore, it helps you reach people at the right time by automating processes that are otherwise manual.

You can increase your callback rate and the likelihood of recipients answering your call by tailoring voicemail drop marketing to campaigns and customer demographics. It is an affordable option too. This feature works with both mobile phones and landlines. It is intuitive and easy to use. The dashboard of your account allows you to upload a recorded message or create a new one quickly.

A voice drop messaging service saves a lot of time. With just one click, you can record a personalized message and send it to multiple segments of your call list without calling each one separately, waiting for voicemail, listening to the greeting, and leaving your message. You can store those emails in your personal library, and the right message will always be there when you need it.

Doing so will help save reps and sales teams a lot of time. Considering one representative spends 25 hours/month on voicemail, a five-member team loses 125 hours just to voicemail. You can get all those hours back. This allows you to connect and engage with prospects without disturbing or interrupting them at home or work. They can hear your message and respond when it is convenient for them.

Voicemail drops are beneficial to companies with a high volume of sales calls. Voicemail drop marketing is especially appealing to real estate firms and auto dealerships since it enables them to reach a lot of people in a short time. Also, businesses with late payment reminders and collection agencies can benefit greatly from this service. Billing departments can leave voicemails about past due payments or upcoming billing dates.

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How to Use It Effectively

Mastering the art of sending voicemail messages is comparable to sending automated voicemail drops that will likely get a response. There is only one difference: you have to get it right the first time, and you can keep using it as long as the message is still relevant and accurate. Here are some tips to help you perfect the voicemail.

  • Your target audience should be the focal point of your message. To get their attention and encourage them to respond, what tone of voice will work best?
  • Use active voice rather than passive voice. Although voicemail messages do not require advanced grammar skills, this writing lesson will help you create meaningful, crisp, and more engaging messages.
  • Make sure to enunciate every word, so it is understood clearly.
  • Regardless of what you intend to say, write it down. It’s the best method for preventing yourself from talking endlessly or including unnecessary information. Are you having trouble creating a script? Just list down the details you want to include and then form them into sentences.
  • Always start and end the voicemail with your phone number. In that case, the listener won’t have to listen to the message again if they missed the number the first time. They are less likely to respond to the message if it requires too much effort and time.
  • Focus on the main point. An average listener would not hear past more than a sentence or two before hitting delete, which is why it is essential to be direct.

There is no guarantee, however, that every voicemail message they send will get the best results. Experienced users should be able to identify what information is crucial and what is fluff, then manipulate their voice and choice of words to achieve the perfect tone.

Take the time to train your team on using your voicemail automation system effectively after you have signed up for it. 

How You Set It Up

Consider using automated voicemail drop marketing whether you make calls personally or manage a team of sales representatives, as it will help you save time.  And saving time means your team can dial more numbers per shift. Moreover, with automated voicemail drops, you can increase the volume of calls even if you cannot afford to hire more agents.

Here are the steps to get started in setting up your voicemail:

·   Search for professional online services for automating drop voicemail messages

·   Choose and sign up for a service that best suits your needs

·   Make sure your team is adequately trained to use automated voicemail systems. Make sure that everyone uses it on every call they make for maximum efficiency and results.

·   Create new messages as your call focus changes over time. New messages can always be added or replaced as needed. 

Things to Consider When You Segment Your Recipients

Voicemail drop marketing is more effective and efficient when you group people who share similar traits, you are able to communicate the right message to the right person.

By segmenting recipients based on personal details like gender, age, and profession, you can send targeted messages for better impact. Using this information is helpful when you want to target a certain age group or gender with your new collection. Segments allow you to send alerts to specific customers about your new product or service. You won’t make the error of directing alerts about men’s suits to women. It is another option to segment based on geographical location, especially when you have limited-time offers available only in selected areas.

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Voicemail Best Practices

  • Write a customized script for each campaign or type of customer. Add an opt-out section and a strong call to action (CTA).
  • Record your greeting using professional equipment that can reduce background noise and provide high-quality sound. A professional recording of your script may be a better alternative.
  • Stimulate their curiosity with some mystery.
  • Don’t leave the callback time open. Instead, request a specific time or range.
  • Show that you value your and their time by keeping it short and to the point.
  • Focus more on them than on yourself.
  • Avoid selling but explain the value instead.
  • If applicable, drop names of friends or referrals.
  • Keep an upbeat, enthusiastic, and genuine attitude.
  • Check your local and state guidelines before choosing a voicemail drop service. You may need to get a prospect’s or customer’s consent before sending voicemail drops. At the very least, you should:
  1. Check it against the national and state DNC lists before calling any number.
  2. If a customer requests DNC status or appears on the list, update their information.
  3. Include instructions in your voice message on how to opt out of voicemail drops. 
  4. Ensure you usage is in compliance with all applicable Federal calling rules such as the TCPA and TSR

Be sure every message contains your company’s name, the name of the caller, and a phone number for opting out. Sending voice drops to qualified leads who have opted in to receive other materials from your business, such as a white paper download or signing up for emails, can further protect your business and brand reputation. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your job as a business owner is to do everything you can to connect with your target audience and convey what they need to know. However, it is difficult to get your message across to the right person in today’s cluttered marketplace. If you wish to reach out to a large number of people with a personal touch, voicemail drop marketing can prove to be a powerful and effective tool. With low-cost options, you can increase your customer engagement rate in a significant way.

If it costs only a fraction of your current outreach strategy budget, think of how often you could engage with your clients. Your marketing needs to be creative to keep your business competitive. Stay ahead of changing trends and focus on running your business with the right digital marketing support, so take that step today with VoiceShot.