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What is Web-Based Voice Broadcasting?

Web-based voice broadcasting is advanced technology that allows you to send pre-recorded messages to multiple phone numbers simultaneously. You can create a call list with just a few phone numbers or thousands of numbers, depending on your needs. You may also have multiple call lists, each receiving targeted voicemail messages.

The ability to send messages to multiple phone numbers at once is voice broadcasting. The ability to manage those messages completely through the internet with cloud-based technology makes a software “web-based” broadcasting. You can access web-based software from any device that has internet access and allows you to log into a website.

Web-based software is more convenient than outdated software that is downloaded to a single device. You can access your voice broadcasting software and send bulk voicemail messages from any location with a tablet, smartphone, or computer. We’ll talk about all the benefits of using cloud-based voice broadcasting in just a moment. First, let’s go over how this works. 

How Does Web-Based Voice Broadcasting Work?

To understand how web-based voice broadcasting works, you need to consider both sides. There are actions you take to initiate a voice broadcast campaign. Then there’s the action that the software takes to launch that campaign on your behalf.

Once signing up for a reputable voice broadcasting software, you follow this general process to create a campaign:

1.    Create the script for your voicemail message. Focus on the most important information and your contact details for follow up. Clearly state what you would like recipients to do at the end of the message. Do you want them to press 1 to connect to a live agent, respond to a text message you already sent, or press a number to verify an appointment? 

2.     Record your message. The best voice broadcasting systems will allow you to use voice-to-text if you don’t want to record in your own voice. Start over as many times as you like to perfect your tone and timing.

3.    Upload your contact list or select the list you want to use if you have already uploaded to the software. You can send different messages to different lists, so target each message as much as possible for better results.

4.    Tell the software when to deliver your messages. The best software will allow you to send immediately or schedule for future dates and times. That makes it easy to set up a series of messages if needed. Try to send the message at a time the recipient is likely to answer if you’re hoping they will interact with the message in some way.

5.    Implement any special features if you want to include them in your call. Every software is different, but the best will allow you to include interactive features and other advanced features.

What makes web-based software different is that you can control every step of the process from any electronic device with an internet connection. If you want to change the message or see how many calls went to voicemail or received answers, you can do it all without access to one specific computer.

When you are happy with your message and have set the software up to launch the campaign, your role in the voice broadcast is over. The software will do the rest by taking the following actions on your behalf:

1.    At the scheduled time, the system will dial each number on your call list simultaneously.

2.    If a person answers the phone, the system will deliver your message in its entirety. The recipient can interact with the call or hang up after receiving the message. Hopefully, they will follow through on the call to action included in your message.

3.    If the call goes to voicemail, the system will leave the message in voicemail. The best software will ensure the message is delivered in its entirety without a beginning pause or ending cutoff.

If you utilize ringless voicemail, it works a little differently. The software will drop the message directly into each recipient’s voicemail box. Their phones will not ring, and they will not receive missed call notifications.

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Practical Applications for Web-Based Voice Broadcasting

Now that we know how web-based voice broadcasting is and how it works, it’s time to discuss how you can use this technology successfully. It can work anytime you have one message that you want to deliver to a group of people, regardless of how small or large the group. Let’s go over some of the more practical applications to give an idea of how others are using voice broadcasts today.

Voice Broadcasting for Marketing

Marketing is one of the most common uses for web-based voice broadcasting, and there are endless voicemail marketing tips floating around the internet. It works well with other forms of marketing to create a well-rounded plan. For instance, you may collect contact information for potential customers through social media and a website and then follow-up with a phone broadcast. In some cases, the phone message is followed by a text or email message.

You can send repeat or special customers special discounts or welcome new subscribers to your group. The options are endless, but you should make sure every message is sent through the best medium for results. Don’t use a phone call when a text message with a link will work best or vice versa.

Voice Broadcasting for Internal Communications

From small businesses to large corporations, businesses often need to get a message out to certain groups quickly. Many nonprofits and organizations have a need for mass voice broadcasting as well.

You can send out important notifications like unexpected closures and changes in operating hours. Teams or departments can send messages to employees in their group while CEOs may send messages to the entire company. The options are endless and easily customized to your business or organization.

Voice Broadcasting Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders aren’t just for medical offices. Any business that relies on appointments to function can send automated appointment reminders using a voice broadcasting system. It’s an easy way to decrease no-show and cancellation rates while taking some stress off employees who might otherwise have to call each person on the schedule one by one. 

Voice Broadcasting for Schools

Schools, daycares, camps, and even youth sports leagues can use voice broadcasting software to send important messages. A school may send voicemail messages to alert parents to early releases and other unexpected occurrences. They may also use it for routine daily updates to parents or notifications that a child was absent or tardy for school.

A sports league may distribute practice times and locations through voice message. A daycare may send reminders when payments are missed or updates on hours for the holidays. There are so many options to keep parents connected to schools and other organizations caring for their children.

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Benefits of Using Web-Based Voice Broadcasting

Are you already thinking of the many ways that web-based voice broadcasting could help you meet your goals or launch better campaigns? You will have many benefits that are specific to your company, but there are also some general benefits that everyone enjoys.

·         You’re never limited to one computer. You can access the software from any device with an internet connection.

·         You can allow multiple people to access the system and generate voicemail campaigns.

·         Campaigns are fast and easy to set up.

·         Every message is perfectly worded and delivered in just the right tone because you can take your time recording it, repeating as needed.

·         Messages are delivered simultaneously, so you reach more people in less time.

·         You don’t have to pay live call handlers to sit on the phone and read a script over and over.

·         Call recipients can touch a button to interact with the message. That makes it easy for them to cancel or verify an appointment, vote on an important issue, or connect with a live agent.

How to Select the Best Web-Based Voice Broadcasting Service

The market for voice broadcasting software is picking up due to increasing demand, but not all platforms utilize the best technology to deliver high-quality messages. If you’re going to invest in voice broadcasting, you might as well get the leading technology and ensure that every message is delivered clearly and in its entirety. You can do that by looking for the following key features when comparing software options.

Cloud-Based Software

For starters, make sure the software you select is entirely web based. You want everything in the cloud and easily retrievable whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. Downloading software to a single computer and only accessing it when you’re on that device is an outdated work method and will restrict the way you use the software.

Interactive Features

Even if you don’t think you need interactive features now, you never know what campaigns you may think of in the future. Maximize your options by looking for comprehensive software with a variety of interactive features. You may want to send out a survey or ask some people to click a button to connect with you directly.

Dedicated PRI Lines

It may seem like VoIP is the best web-based software solution because so many products are using it, but it has serious limitations. For starters, it has technical vulnerabilities that often lead to low-quality voice messages. Many VoIP messages are also flagged as spam by the cellular carriers via caller ID and often ignored by recipients due to this.

The best option is dedicated PRI/copper lines. We’re talking about the lines that well-known communications carriers have developed and used for many years. They’re more reliable and less likely to get labeled as spam due to the new caller ID protocols for calls carried over VOIP lines.


You should have the ability to send messages to both landlines and mobile phones. The best software will send messages to both types in one campaign as needed. There are more people still using landline phones than you may believe.

Versatility also extends the ability to set up multiple call lists and send a variety of messages with the freedom to schedule future deliveries. You may also want to set up a series of messages, delivering each message at a designated time.

The more flexible the software, the more room you have to customize your broadcasts to your unique needs. Sometimes, the best marketing campaigns are a little creative and unusual. You want your software to support your quirky ideas by offering a range of options.

Opt-Out Features

It’s important to give call recipients an option to not receive future messages from you. You don’t want to continue sending messages to someone who is uninterested in your offer. Having this available as an automated process is a must have feature. 

Demo Availability

Finally, make sure you can take the software for a test run before you invest fully. The most reputable web-based voice broadcasting companies allow you to request a demo to see how the system works. You can also talk to a company representative to make sure the software will meet your unique needs.

If you know that a web-based broadcasting software has everything you need, then you may want to get started immediately by skipping the demo. It’s still good to know that the demo is available if needed. It shows that the company fully stands behind their product and wants to make sure that it works as expected for every new customer.

Web-Based Voice Broadcasting Software that Has It All

You can get all of the features listed above plus more when you sign up for VoiceShot. You can select the broadcasting services that best meet your needs and get started right away or schedule a demo to see our platform in action. We offer the most reliable technology and give you complete control with 100% cloud-based software.

Our system also makes it easy to combine outbound voice broadcasting with text messaging, voice reminders, urgent alerts, and other phone-based solutions. Contact us today to request your demo, or sign up to get started right away.