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What to Look for in an Intelligent Voice Broadcast System

What Is an Intelligent Voice Broadcast System?

An intelligent voice broadcast system allows businesses to send mass communication messages via voice broadcasting. When using this technology, your business has the advantage of reaching a substantial number of potential and current customers quickly and effectively

Small businesses have proven to be particularly interested in voice broadcast technology because it allows them to reach a broad audience in a relatively short amount of time while achieving great results. Compared to traditional methods such as contact centers, intelligent voice broadcast systems can automatically customize and deliver messages to each person individually at a much lower cost. 

You can integrate modern voice broadcasting software with your call database, so your customers receive sales promotions, reminders, and other relevant information about your company. 

There are several approaches to these systems. The most common option is to send a prerecorded message that your customer hears when they answer their phone or an interactive menu that they navigate by pressing the keypad or talking. 

Let’s review in more detail how your company can use an intelligent voice broadcast system in the following section.

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How Can You Use an Intelligent Voice Broadcast System?

Experts point out there are six main ways your business can use an intelligent voice broadcast system.

1. Send surveys to your customers

You can gain valuable insight into how customers feel about your product or service through surveys. Identify your customers’ preferences and wants, as well as where your company can improve its offer.

With an intelligent voice broadcast system, you can record survey questions and get feedback from as many users as possible.

2. Deliver event invitations and reminders

Keep your company at the forefront of your customers’ minds by organizing physical and virtual events on topics they find valuable. Webinars, workshops, and soft launch events are good examples.

These events can generate leads effectively and convert at a high rate. When you use voice broadcasting to send invitations and reminders to your event list, you can potentially increase the number of attendees and ultimately lead conversion.

3. Send subscription or refill reminders

Renewing subscriptions and purchasing again after an existing product has run out are cost-effective ways to generate revenue.

Your company can automate these renewals or refill reminders if you offer subscriptions or annual memberships. How? An intelligent voice broadcasting system will let you deliver a tailored message to each recipient, enabling them to take appropriate action.

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4. Distribute valuable notifications

By informing your customers in advance there is a new product release, a discount, or a sale, they will be more appreciative. Voice broadcast messages can alert customers of these strategies and drive more spending and customer satisfaction.

5. Deliver relevant corporate announcements

You can use an intelligent voice broadcast system to make all your employees aware of pertinent information simultaneously, thus eliminating the risk of ignored messages in an email or corporate board.

6. Send sales promotions

Sending sales promotions is one of the most common uses for voice broadcasting. The downside is that it’s a prerecorded message, which people may find irritating. Just make sure to plan and design it very carefully. 

What Are the Main Features You Should Look for in an Intelligent Voice Broadcast System?

Now that you’ve learned about the many ways voice broadcasting can help you achieve your business goals, see which features to look for in the best provider.

Fully-Dedicated Copper or PRI lines 

Many factors can lead to poor audio quality when sending calls using VoIP technologies, including packet loss, latency, and background noise. Look for a partner with a more robust technology such as copper or PRI lines, so your voice broadcast messages and voicemail drops are delivered more reliably and at a much higher quality.

Ease of Use

Leading companies will offer an instant cloud-based setup without the hassles of coordinating complex in-person deployments. Manage or create voice broadcast campaigns from your subscriber account, including scheduling, placing, and modifying functions. You should be able to place instant calls and schedule upcoming calls online or through your telephone keypad.

Free Trial

Your provider should let you create an account for free, so you can test their service first-hand before purchasing. This test can let you design, test and preview your first voice broadcast at no cost.

Efficient Contact Management

Be sure you have flexibility in how you manage your contacts. You want to be able to choose from using an existing contact list, entering contacts manually, or uploading a pre-existing contact list.

Varied Message Recording Options

You want to have simple recording options, such as dial-in to record, use your computer microphone, or upload a sound file. You may even need to type a message using text-to-speech technology.

Easy Call Scheduling

You should be able to schedule voice broadcasts at any time and on any day. Being able to implement voice broadcasting at different moments during a single day or in time can be highly beneficial. And if you have an unsuccessful call, your system should have the option to automatically redial it.

Cloud-Based Control and Reporting

The best providers enable you to start, stop, pause, speed up, and slow down a voice broadcast from your account. They also allow you to easily view or download real-time results, such as time, date, successful, and unsuccessful attempts.

Conditional Call Branching

With the industry leader in intelligent voice broadcast systems, it is possible to obtain call flow and routing based on recipient keypresses. You can get functionalities such as no keypresses or incorrect keypresses so that you can complete complex or straightforward campaigns in no time at all.

Voice Merging and Text to Speech

If the provider offers realistic-sounding text to speech, you can readily customize each of your recipients’ messages.

Keypress Verification

This top feature lets users enter information, followed by voice confirmation, allowing them to accept or correct their entries.

Customizable Music or Message When on Hold

Having flexibility in your hold music is a nice feature. Your customers can listen to a variety of custom messages or music while they hold on the line when connecting to your live representatives.

Automated Polls and Surveys Creation

With a drag-and-drop/point-and-click call designer, you will be able to easily create surveys and polls. Your partner may even offer a free call simulator so you can test your survey before it goes live.

Competitive Pricing and Pay-as-You-Go Fees

Your ideal intelligent voice broadcast supplier will offer no setup fees or minimums. There will be no charge for unsuccessful, busy, or unanswered calls. You should receive the highest quality transmission service for a low price per delivered call.

Telephone and Email Support

Support is always a critical must-have. Technical support and customer service teams must be available via email and telephone to assist with any questions and comments you might have.

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