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The VoiceShot API allows you to quickly integrate both incoming and outgoing phone calls into your applications.

Built for developers that want to code less, move faster and save money, the VoiceShot Voice API makes it easy to create interactive voice conversations. Place, receive, manage and route calls anywhere. Create custom IVR programs to improve customer service while also reducing your costs by unburdening your call centers. Our VoiceShot API uses the highest quality connections to ensure an error-free experience with crystal clear audio quality. The VoiceShot Voice API allows you to build custom multi-prompt interactive customer service menus in minutes.

Key Features

Interactive Cloud Call Designer

It is easy to get started on your inbound or outbound IVR calling project with our graphical online call designer. Design simple single message announcement calls or sophisticated multi-prompt interactive customer service menus in minutes. Advanced features such as nested loops and recursive menus are fully supported.

Easy Integration

Don't know anything about telephony? Or even XML? No problem. With just basic Web development experience, you can start sending and receiving phone calls in no time. Leverage the power of the VoiceShot Voice API to get your project done.

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$ 9.00 /mo


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