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Why We Are No.1 in Voice Broadcasting

Do you want recipients to actually hear your message? With thousands of customers and over 20-years of innovation, here’s why VoiceShot is the No.1 Voice Broadcasting platform in the US:

Industry-Leading Deliverability

VoiceShot is built on ultra-reliable dedicated copper lines - not lower-quality voice-over-IP (VoIP) which frequently has poor quality due to packet loss, high latency and background noise. Our voice broadcast messages and voicemail drops are delivered more reliably at much higher quality than our competitors.

Highest Quality Voice Messages

The combination of real copper lines and our proprietary voicemail/answering machine detection algorithms ensure full messages are delivered instead of some recipients getting a partial message or no message at all.

No Awkward Message Delay

Our lines eliminate the awkward delay before a voice broadcast message plays, which often results in the recipient hanging up and not hearing the message.

No "Spam Risk" on Caller ID

This is a problem for VOIP providers, but not for VoiceShot. Our use of dedicated copper lines means our messages come through with a standard number for caller ID.

VoiceShot is 100% Made in the USA

All employees, technology and support are right here in Austin, Detroit and Los Angeles. We serve thousands of customers every day and are relentless when it comes to quality, reliability & outstanding customer service.

Why Choose VoiceShot

Now in our 21st year serving customers, VoiceShot has a long history of delivering the highest quality cloud voice services. With direct PRI carrier connections & circuits, combined with our highly reliable cloud-based infrastructure, our voice broadcasting solutions are the best in the industry. We serve thousands of customers every day and are relentless when it comes to quality, reliability & outstanding customer service.


Highest Quality Direct Carrier PRI Connections

Unlike many of our competitors, VoiceShot has invested in building direct PRI connections & circuits for all of our outbound products.
This provides our customers with huge benefits:

1) "they" dramatically improve voice quality by using primary rate interfaces (PRI Lines) which are dedicated real phone lines which do not rely on IP data connectivity for voice communications as do lower quality VOIP solutions;

2) "they" provide the highest deliverability & reliability as they are dedicated voice lines not sensitive to issues such as shared data bandwidth or packet loss; and

3) "it" allows us to deliver significantly better response rates than our competitors.


Now in our 21st year serving customers, VoiceShot has a well-deserved reputation as the highest quality voice broadcasting and cloud phone solution provider in the industry. Our innovative cloud voice solutions have been built through expertise developed by carefully listening to our thousands of customers for almost two decades.

Cloud Phone System Features

VoiceShot has built dozens of key features to make our cloud phone system easy, efficient and reliable. Features include: Voice to Email, Call Forwarding, Toll-free & Local numbers, Nested Voice Menus, Speech Recognition, Unlimited Extensions, Scheduled Greetings, Call Queues, Call Screening, Unlimited Voicemail, Mobile Apps and many more.


Voice Broadcasting Features

Our voice broadcasting software is enterprise-grade and built for scale using the highest quality dedicated PRI lines and circuits – highly differentiated from lower quality VOIP systems. Key features include: instant cloud set-up, contact list management, opt-out, do not call list management, conditional call branching, IVR, easy recording options, key press verification, visual call designer, voice merge text to speech, cloud-based controls and reporting and many more.

Drill-Down Reporting

Our platform comes with robust reporting so you can drill-down into your metrics, response rates, and other analytics.

Android & iOS Mobile Apps

Pre-built Android and iPhone mobile apps with full administrative controls. Mobilize your team to receive notifications, get voicemail, place calls, receive calls and route calls anywhere, anytime.

U.S. based Customer service and Technical support

Unlike many of our competitors, our customer service and technical support teams are located in the United States and are not outsourced to call centers in other countries.

The VoiceShot API

Built for developers that want to code less, move faster and save money, the VoiceShot Voice API makes it easy to create interactive voice conversations. Place, receive, manage and route calls anywhere. Create custom IVR programs to improve customer service while also reducing your costs by unburdening your call centers. Our VoiceShot API uses the highest quality connections to ensure an error-free experience with crystal clear audio quality. The VoiceShot Voice API allows you to build custom multi-prompt interactive customer service menus in minutes.


Our plans start at only $9/month.

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