Deliver Interactive Phone Calls to Any Sized Audience

Instantly send automated phone calls to your audience in seconds. Whether you need to notify, alert, or remind, our service is simple and fast.

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How VoiceShot Works

Set Up in Minutes

Dial-in to record, use your computer microphone, or upload a sound file. You can even type a message using text to speech.

Select Your Audience

Utilize an existing contact list by either manually inputting contacts or uploading a contact list. Identify if you want to reach only landlines, cell phones or both.

Real Time Insights

Access real-time results with detailed reports on date, time, success, failure, and duration. Caller key press reporting allows you to track and report responses at the contact level.

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Key Features

Frustrated with dropped calls and garbled voicemails? VoiceShot's advanced detection and reliable copper lines ensure clear, accurate message delivery.

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Press-1 Campaign.

Key Press Confirmation.

Authorized Caller ID Numbers, No “Spam” Calls.

Low Price. Pay as You Go.

U.S. Based Telephone & Email Support!

Set a Schedule for Calls in Advance.

Highest Quality Direct Carrier PRI Connections.

Enterprise-Grade and Built for Scale.

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Reach Live People, Voicemail Drops, or Both

Engage live recipients with key presses, custom voicemails.


Landline, Cell Phone or Both

Place calls only to landlines or cell phones or both.



Opt-out mechanism for live people and toll-free opt-out for voicemail.


Total Cloud Based Control

Create, schedule, place and manage calls and contacts directly from your account.

See what customers are saying

From a scale of 1-10, I honestly rate VoiceShot a 15... Not only is the service exactly what they say it is, but its also affordable enough for a new business to use without batting an eye.

Start sending thousands of voice messages in minutes.