The Role of Voice Broadcast in Marketing in 2022

“Connection—true human connection—is key….” That’s a quote from Vix Reitano from Agency 6B during a Forbes discussion of the top content marketing trends expected to take center stage in 2022. Other marketing leaders expressed similar ideas with more personalized marketing through relatable ambassadors, user-generated content, video marketing, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

That explains why many brands are now incorporating voice broadcasting in their marketing campaigns. When you put a voice to a marketing message, you have a more personalized experience that grabs immediate attention. Marketing messages delivered with a real voice can also linger in the mind of an interested consumer because it’s something they can hear and easily remember.

With many online marketing strategies, the tone is delivered entirely through words on a screen. You also have a limited number of words to grab attention and convince your audience to take a specific action. Voice broadcast marketing strategies change the game by creating a personal experience that gives a human voice to promotional campaigns.

How are brands big and small utilizing voice broadcast technology to elevate their marketing plans? Probably in more creative ways than you can imagine.

How is Voice Broadcast Used in Marketing in 2022?

The best marketing strategies are the creative ones that haven’t been tested by hundreds of other brands. We’re talking about the quirky idea that you had in the shower and implemented the same afternoon because it sparked your curiosity. The text message that went viral because someone finally said what everyone else was thinking.

How are those creative ideas born? They often start with an awareness of what is possible through a specific marketing channel. To help you come up with your own fresh ideas, we present this quick list of strategies many brands are already embracing. From there, you may have your own ideas about how voice broadcasting can work for your brand.

Messages from Ambassadors, Celebrities, CEOs

Imagine getting a voice message from your favorite movie star or the CEO of your company. Even if you know that the same message was likely sent to hundreds or thousands of other people, it feels like a personal connection with someone you respect. It’s an experience you’re likely to remember and talk about with others.

That’s exactly why some brands are now using voice broadcasting services to distribute voice messages from ambassadors, social media influencers, celebrities, or even well-respected company executives. It’s guaranteed to grab attention and requires nothing more than one recorded message from the person everyone wants to hear from.  

Flash Sale Announcements

Flash sales are a great way to get more people to your online store or drive sign ups for a course, event, or service. The problem lies in getting the word out quickly because these sales are gone…well, in a flash.

Voice broadcast technology is the perfect tool to deliver the message. You can upload a call list, create a message, and send it off to thousands of people within minutes. Messages are delivered in real-time, and no extensive advance planning is required.

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Event Promotions and Coordination

Planning a large event—virtual or live—takes a lot of time and careful attention to details. Implementing voice broadcasting makes it a bit simpler. You can send promotional messages to people who have shown interest in attending the event and then switch to informational messages after they register. It’s a simple matter of switching the contact from one call list to another.

Contests, Giveaways & Special Discounts

If you’re launching a special contest through your website or will start giving away valuable gifts through social media, it makes sense to send a voice alert to people likely to take interest in those virtual marketing events. A contest marketing strategy is a proven way to draw attention to your brand while rewarding loyal followers.

Think of voice broadcasting as a simple way to tell everyone that they have extra incentive to visit you online soon. In addition to contests and giveaways that anyone can join, you can send voice messages to select customers or prospects to offer special discounts. That approach is often what takes a potential customer off the fence and makes them an official customer.

Marketing Research

The best marketing strategies are supported by relevant market research. You want to know who you’re speaking to and what needs or wants most likely drive them to make decisions. You can do that by sending interactive voice messages that work much like polls or surveys. It’s a fun way to interact with your call list, and it takes less effort for respondents than typing answers through an online form.

How Voice Broadcast Fits into a Larger Marketing Plan

Most brands embraced multi-channel marketing strategies years ago. The idea is to combine at least two or three marketing channels into one system designed to reach your target market in different ways. Every brand should select the channels that work best for their marketing efforts, creating a well-rounded marketing plan that reaches a larger audience and encourages engagement.

Voice broadcast marketing is an excellent resource to consider because it works well with all other channels available in 2022. For example, consider how you might incorporate voice broadcasting with some of the leading online marketing strategies.

  • Send a voice broadcast inviting customers to text a code word in order to receive a special discount. You’re giving existing customers an incentive to subscribe to your texting broadcasts with all legal permissions in place.
  • Use email marketing to inform your list of an upcoming event. When they click from the email to a landing page, they can provide contact information to receive future updates about the event. Use phone messages to send those updates in an enthusiastic voice that gets everyone excited for the event.
  • Establish connections with ambassadors, influencers, or celebrities who are recognized by fans on social media. Have those familiar voices record uplifting, motivating messages that go out to exclusive fans. Use their familiar voices and personal connection with your market to promote your products, services, and events.

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Voice Broadcasting in the Post-COVID World

We’ve talked a lot about how brands are utilizing voice broadcast software for marketing purposes in 2022. There are a lot of advantages to doing so, including personalizing your marketing message with a real person’s voice and delivering thousands of messages at once.

We can take those advantages even further by asking one question: Why embrace voice broadcasting now?

2022 is a unique year because we’re just emerging from a pandemic that forever changed the way businesses of all sizes operate. There are small businesses still struggling to regain footing after years of complete or near shutdown. Even larger businesses are making big decisions about remote work arrangements and employee retention in the midst of staffing shortages and other challenges.

There are several reasons voice broadcast software works well for marketing in the post-COVID world:

  • Voice broadcast software works for internal communications as well as marketing. Companies can invest in one system that helps connect virtual and in-office workers while providing a new channel for marketing.
  • You can now place thousands of calls without utilizing a call center packed with live call handlers. Not only do you save money by eliminating the human callers, but you don’t have to worry about in-person contact or the spread of germs.
  • Voice broadcasting allows you to speak directly to your market without face-to-face interaction. You can expand your reach around the world or stick to local markets. Start small and gradually expand or reach for the moon from day one. It’s a scalable marketing technique that can grow with you if needed.

What to Look for in a Voice Broadcasting Company

The virtues of voice broadcast marketing are clear. So, how do you find a reputable company that allows you to launch effective campaigns quickly? You’re looking for a voice broadcast service that offers all of the following:

  • Intuitive Software – You don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to send voice broadcasts. A simple and intuitive system is essential.
  • Cloud-Based System – You should have complete control of your voice broadcast campaigns even if you aren’t in the office or at home. Cloud-based systems allow you to log into a web-based system from any device with an internet connection.
  • Multiple Call Lists – Splitting your call list into subcategories allows you to send more precise messages to each group. Your software must allow you to maintain multiple lists in order for that to work.
  • Fast Messaging – You want to get into your software, set up a message, and send to a call list quickly. The more time you can save, the more opportunity you have to invest in other marketing channels.
  • Copper Lines – VoIP systems seem popular in 2022, but they aren’t the best option for voice messages. You’ll get crisp, clear messaging with full delivery of every voicemail when you go with a system based on copper lines from well-known communication companies.

The Real Deal in Voice Broadcast

Are you ready to enhance personal connection in your marketing campaigns? If so, VoiceShot has the voice broadcast solutions that you need to make it happen quickly, efficiently, and affordably. From a full range of outbound voice broadcasting services to text messaging, urgent alerts, and appointment reminders, we have the technology you need to get your message out to the right people at the right time.Contact us today to discuss your options for incorporating voice broadcasting into your marketing campaign for 2022 and beyond. Now is the time to try something new if you’re ready for greater results.